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  • Very useful

    Try this, works super well. Very fast and convenient. Great for positioning work and staged jacking.
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    Didn't Franz post that about 5 years ago?

    What works really slick is to take the manual crank handle off worm winches and tighten the chuck of a 1/2" drill right down on the shaft.
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      I've used the same trick to raise the bed of a Mack dump we were working on. Used a 1/2" drill to power the hyd. pump so that we could raise the bed with the whole unit off the truck.


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        I don't know if he did or not but with this type of bat drill it works super. I blew a bunch of pen spray and oil down inside it. There was a day when it would have took a corded drill to run it but this really makes it useful I jacked up a boat trailer with boat on the other day, the way it was sitting I needed to block/jack, made it so easy because of the speed, I did 4 or 5 picks in a couple minutes.