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    Nothing here.
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    Thats a mighty neat project, but I for one would be very leary of touching anything along these lines off. I'm hoping and assuming you know much more about the pressures generated and the potential for catastrophic failure than I do. I'd like to see it fire...from a distance, a pretty far distance at that.


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      I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that thing either, but it is still preety cool!
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        Yeah,pretty cool.I know youv`e heard this before" it`s all fun and games till someone losses an eye".Seriously couldn`t resist.One of the guy`s I work with built a golf ball cannon out of food grade stainless and it uses compressed air.Thing is mighty wicked,as you well know.Cool deal.


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          Pretty neat project. I'd like to know what the firing distance is and how accurate can you get it.....?
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            Someone's lying...

            That is really cool, but I looked at all the pics and even joined the GBC site so i could see the videos, and a found a lot of inconsistencies between your description and the pics and vids. First of all, there's only one shock in every video and every picture and that one shock seems to handle the recoil very well, which, by the way, seems very manageable, and not at all capable of snapping 3/4" hardened bolts after just a few shots, even without the muzzle brake (kudos on the muzzle brake though, it seems to be very effective). Second of all, you said that all the video was shot from a very long distance. If that were true, then there would be a delay in the sound getting to the camera after the cannon went off; no delay in any of the videos. In fact, in a few of the videos, the camera is moving around (not on a tripod) and with a high zoom lens, the movement would be highly amplified, and the camera man jumps quite a bit in a few of the vids. I'm not even going to mention the dumba$$es standing next to the water-filled cooler. Third of all, I looked at your Power Wagon post and somehow in the course of 4 and a half months, you went from an 18 year old high schooler in his third year of high school welding, to someone who's had several college chemistry courses and has been welding for ten years. Last of all (i think), i HAVE been a welder for quite a few years, and drill steel doesn't have diamonds in it; it would actually make it weaker under all but compressional stress, not to mention the pressures associated with accelerating a projectile as heavy as a golf ball to high velocities. A regular sized rifle with a light bullet generates up to 40,000 PSI (slightly more than a few thousand). Something as heavy as a golf ball with a proportional amount of relatively weak gun powder is capable of producing at least that. Metal with diamonds in it would also crack (if not explode) when welded due to the difference in thermal expansion rates between the steel and the diamonds. Also, I’ve seen the pics, and in the close up of the muzzle brake, the barrel and brake (which is welded) are the exact same type of metal: mild steel (distinguishable by the scratches in the mill scale). One last thing, my brother is a sheriff’s deputy, and I consulted him on the legality, and he said anything that uses solid propellant to launch a projectile is considered a firearm and is legal to HAVE (if registered), but a felony to manufacture without the proper federal license.
            Just thought you should know you can't fool everyone.



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              Paint ball

              You boys ever hear of paint ball guns? I think that would be a lot safer.
              I'd suggest leaving this apparatus alone and taking up another hobby,,the odds are you'll live longer *LOL* Does your parents know what you boys are doing? I think it's great you can weld and want to build things and blow things up but why not wait till you get out of school and join the might invent something that could save lives or maybe something that our solders could use to defend them selves. It scares me to see young kids messing with gun powder etc. without parent supervision/training.
              Good luck guys as I feel you're going to need it!
              Regards, Farris
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