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  • debar your opinion is requested

    Debar39 I need your opinion since you build trailers. This is 6 1/2ft wide trailer,box is 6ft tall ,axle is rated at 2500lbs, tires are rated at 1535 lbs each. Should I switch the axle? This trailer started life as a pop up camper and I'm now turning into a enclosed trailer. I have a mobile home axle I can use for the swap which is rated at 5000lbs but would need to be shortened.Also I would put the wheels on the outside of the trailer with the mobile home axle but if you look close in the inside picture you can see were the springs are mounted for the orig axle. I would think mounting the mobile home axle so the wheels would be on the outside and moving the springs on the mobile home axle from their orig placement 12inches in where the orig axle bolts up toward the center of the trailer would be a no no. My other guess would maybe come across the trailers width with 4 x 4 x 1/4 angle welded to the trailers main frame and leave the mobile home springs orig placement which would line up under the outside edge of the trailer and mount it to the 4 x4 x 1/4 angle. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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    I'll toss in my .02 worth. I'm thinking that you most likely need a heavier axle. What do you plan on hauling and how far? For occasional use or plan to tow it a lot frequently?

    Looks like close to 10 sheets of 3/8-1/2" play on the sides, guessing 300# aprox for the ply, + the weight of your steel. Any idea what the trailer weights now empty? I would think you are pushing 800-1200 lb as it sits.

    A diferent axle would also give you brakes. Trailer brakes are good, especially with large tailers with a bit of side wind.

    Looks good BTW, nice work.


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      DSW your right it's 9 1/2 sheets of 3/8 plywood. I was guessing around the same weight as you were but I'll know next week when I get it weighed. It will be for occasional use. Thanks for your 2cents


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        hytekredneck, I would re think the axle and tire combo for a couple of reasons. First is the height of the trailer, I feel it would be rather top heavy and unstable going down the road with the tires under the deck, not to mention those balloon tires are kinda bouncy going over bumps.

        Second reason is the overall weight of the empty trailer would not give you very much in the way of payload, maybe 1000 lbs. at best.

        Third reason would be floor space, you'll be surprised how much of a hassle it will be to load it around the fender recessed area making it harder to distribute the weight properly, again that brings up a stability issue.

        My suggestion would be use a 3500 lb. axle with 1750 lb. double eye springs or maybe even a torsion axle if you can afford it. From what I can see though, you will have to make a sub frame for the new spring perches to mount to as the perimeter frame is not strong enough to handle the weight that will be applied to it.

        I would also recommend using at least a 14" tire as well, with a 6 1/2' deck it will bring you to about a 96" overall trailer width. I would also recommend using a 5 on 4 1/2 bolt pattern on the hubs as it is the most common size for small trailers and easier to find replacement parts when necessary

        You may also want to consider using a 4" drop spindle to keep your deck height to about 16" from the road.

        Brakes are not really necessary (depending on what state your located in) for that size trailer but I would recommend them anyways, it's always nice to know that the trailer is going to stop with you instead of trying to push through you in a panic stop.

        If you need a contact for an axle let me know and I'll forward some of my vendors to you. Dave
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          Thanks for your help dabar,you confirmed what I was thinking but I don't have the experience that you have so I figured you would know better.


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            Took the trailer to the quarry down the road from me today and had it weighed. 940LBS. minus the floor and rear doors. Next part of the project will be to swap the axle for a larger one and get the tires to the outside.
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              Perhaps pick up a drop down Draw Bar too
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                Yes Brocc I am getting a dropdown ball mount as soon as I get the new axle on, I don't know where the trailer will sit till then. I'm going to mount the springs under the axle to keep it low. Bad thing is I won't have time to work on it for 3 weeks.