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Hyd Shaft weld on yoke

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  • Hyd Shaft weld on yoke

    A couple pics of a project from a few days ago. it started out with customer bringing in the hyd. ram with the yoke weld broken. So we extended the ram so as to not damage the seals. 2 days later it returned as per pics. A few more questions on it & I was conviced it was way under engineered. The second break was at the top of the piston & when extended made a horseshoe of the shaft. Found out from customer that the company now uses 2.25" shaft instead of 1.75" . Still undersize as far as I am concerned because they expect one single ram to lift 64 ft. of airdril on a rockshaft. Only satisfaction here is that our weld on the yoke survived quite nicely.
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    Nice fix...Bob
    Bob Wright

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