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    I just pulled truck out of the shed. Kept forgetting some little stuff and the final straw was a seized choke cable on the welder I had field rigged with a clothespin. I fix that and figure it was due for oil change, 12 yrs, 205 hrs. It was time, had a couple outages added a few, fix ground clamp I had to rig with set of vice grips, fix a couple brackets and add a cord hanger, sort thru some fittings, remove some trash and a couple pieces I never use, fill the rod boxes.

    Even the chipping hammer was dull, fine if you wanted to beat some slag into submission.


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      I don't have an inverter on my service truck, if I was a daily driver I would, mainly to recharge cordless batteries without connecting to shore power daily and to run a few zings with a grinder for fab work so I didnt have to start engine drive for light misc work. I have one on my pickup, used it to run a drill in a pinch and use it to grinder on occasion and a couple minutes with a sump pump. Its handy on occasionally although most days can work around it in the field. Battery tools has really slammed the need for it for me.