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  • Branding Iron Heaters, Porpane

    Looking for input, ideas, plans for a shop-built branding iron heater. (for personal use) Have a piece of 8" sch40 pipe and mat'l for legs, just wondering if someone else has built something like this in the past and would like to share some tips. Also, a little puzzled about the burner I should use. Recommendations? Buy a premade burner or tips to fab one up.

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    May not help, but it sounds like the gas forges I have seen. Some even make their own. I have even seen the burner made out of pipe with holes drilled in it and capped on the end, with a gas grill regulator on the tank. Sounds kinda dangerous to me though.
    Try searching on the net for homemade forge.
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      Also try searching the internet for pottery kiln construction. At one point I was going to do sand casting and was looking at building a kiln like oven to melt the steel
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        yes a gas forge would work. here are some ssites for ya to look at
        and google gas forge plans .

        Inferno Forge



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          You could go this route, tis a mudbug cooker burner uses 3/8" nipple TBE w/a cap drilled 1/16" hole in it's top, cocked to the side so the flame hits the vert. pipe, uses no regulator. During the winter SIL stands a short pc. of 12", maybe 16" pipe in place of the cook pot and surves as a heater for his two bay muffler shop.
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