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Scissor Lift Tool Tray

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  • Scissor Lift Tool Tray

    All pulser tig, 16 Gauge sheet stock and some 8th inch angle.
    Im sure this has been done before, I even know the idea is patented.
    Basically its a universal lift tray because Im sick of dropping everything or stepping on it when Im up in the ceiling. guarantee it will be stolen within 3 days, but hey, It was fun to make.
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    I made one to hold rod guards also. Then i made one to hang plastic bins on.
    Works good if you are hanging pipe or welding small clips.


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      I made one very similair to yours a few years ago. But it was too big and kept getting in the way. I didn't have the angle on it and it worked OK.
      I finally pitched it last year (too big,) I miss it once in a while, may make another one.

      Looks good , you will be happy to use it.


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        I used it today and it works amazing. very universal. the dimensions are 6 inches wide by 6 deep and 24 long. the support legs are 20 inches long from top of tray to end. which extends safely past any rail of the JLG scissors we use. The nice thing is, I used 2 inch angle for the hook so it fits over the extension rails as well as the smaller ones, it fits on across the end of the lift or the sides, it can hang inside or outside and on the top rail or the middle rail. Its light and moves easy and is very strong. Its strength is in its simplicity if you ask me. I used all day and it was solid and extremely useful. Im pretty sure it will fit boom lifts too. I thought about cutting out a gradual V from both ends of the box to lay copper tubing across but thats a future addition.


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          If i wer you i would paint it a bright color(pink, orange, yellow, ect.) so every one knows whos it is. maybe a nice shade of blue? Maybe one to match your welder? just some food for the brain.
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