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  • Possible new welder

    Clayton Ward Williams born today at 5:39pm. I think the perfect baby gift for him would be a new TIG Welder Of course, Dad might have to try it out a few times before he gets his little paws on it
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    Bob Wright


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      new wlder

      congratulations on your son,my wife just gave me my first boy 7 months ago,just awesome God bless him


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        I would get both mom and son their own gun. Never sell land. Never sell guns.
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          Congratulations! Welcome to the club. I've got another one coming in a month.
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            what!!!!! you mean you didnt name him MILLER ?????

            my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
            feel free to P/M me


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              Congratulations, good to see him and Mom are doing great.

              At least get him a Miller Tattoo, it can grow as he grows

              What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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                Congrats that's awesome. Just tell him to keep it steady. I'ld wait till he is about 5yrs though. Miller hat on at the hospital. Classic

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                  Originally posted by willy View Post
                  I think the perfect baby gift for him would be a new TIG Welder Of course, Dad might have to try it out a few times before he gets his little paws on it
                  A HUGE Congratulations!!!
                  I was thinking the exact same thing when we had our little guy (Austin Mark )on May 6th, A Dynasty 200 would be just his size!!!

                  Oh ya I had my work hat on the day of the big event since I left the shop to rush the wife in. I wore my Miller hate the next day but I guess I never got a picture of that!
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                    Congrats too ya!!
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                      always great to say hi for the first time.
                      you have to wait a little longer be for ya give him the TIG. wait till he is big enough to work the buttons properly so he can set it.

                      you should probably pick it up now though, give you time to get to know it so you can show him when he is ready. and test it out proper like too. not to mention in 2 years it will be 2X as much $$ to get one.
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                      thanks for the help
                      hope i helped
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