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    Originally posted by Anti-GMAW View Post
    Thank you for you'r concern. Unfortunetly I did get laid off and yes I found another job shortly after. They based the decision off there past workload from the decade or so they've been around but unfortunatly they slowed down to about 2-3 new jobs a week compared to there normal 50-60 jobs a week. One day they were so swamped they were turning down work the next day they could barley keep there head above water.They had never been that slow.
    It's odd how the industry works and how it can effect your business. We are not a huge shop (about 9 guys and a couple skirts in the office) but it always seems the big guys get in trouble first fault or no fault. We do medium size jobs that consist of rails, fence, gates and lighting for custom homes and light commercial (condos hotels etc.) and having 2 or three jobs at a time is all we can handle and they keep inside fab/welding busy and of course the installers on site. Our highest paid employee who perhaps has the easiest job is a saleman who has been here for about 11 years. He lines jobs up one after another for both crews and has held a good record of it. He makes 10% of the job and as you can imagine selling 5 or 6 jobs at 20+K a month will bring you in some serious doe-ray-me. So his encentive is our gain and it is mutualy important to take care of one another. So we figure this is why he is the highet paid employee and we always stay busy. Win win senerio.. Glad you found another job and I hope your former employer pulls out of the slump! Nothing worse than bad times, it effects us all.

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