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Can anyone guess?

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  • Can anyone guess?

    What will this be used for? Any guesses?
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    I looked at the 2nd pic first and thought of the Genesis device, but then I realized I was one of the few people who would know about that, still being top secret and all.

    So I looked at the first pic and it's going to be a low-boy trailer?


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      Looks like some kinda loader arm for dumpsters.

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        .....or some kind of proctology tool I do NOT want to even think about.


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          At first I thought is could be a CNC machine.
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            Could it be the start of one of them Transformer Robots?

            O.K. that was just a guess, I have no other real clue at this point
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              Lowboy trailer, that hydraulically lowers the deck to the ground? Otherwise no clue.
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                Are they coming out with another version of The Empire Strikes Back and you're working the set???
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                  A new style battering ram for LAPD ?

                  What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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                    It is the start of what is going to be a trailer to haul the large wind tower segments.


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                      So what does the windmill look like? and how many KW's are we talking here (per tower)?

                      I take it this trailer has to be able to navigate over rough terrain?
                      Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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                        It is a giant pivot that Sky Scrapers sit on when soil conditions are too poor to have a conventional foundation. The building has sensors that automatically tell the pivot to adjust one way or the other to keep it standing straight up. They are made in Tokoyo Japan and Tucson Arizona by a company that is owned by Russians.
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                          Looks like the first photo was taken in 2005 (per datestamp), so I guess the project isn't moving along too smartly.
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                            It is done

                            Actually, this project was completed in 05. I am building 3 more and found these old pics. I will send pics of new ones as they are still in progress.


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                              New Schnable

                              I will updaete project as it happens.
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