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First Project - Adjustable trailer hitch

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  • First Project - Adjustable trailer hitch

    Ok, here's the story. This is my first project and third post to the Discussion Forums ( other posts in Welding Discussions). I have a Chevy K3500 4x4 with a 6 " lift. I have a need to tow a small utility trailer with a 16" tongue height. Since I couldn't find any adjustable 10" drop hitchs ( my receiver is 26" high), I decided to build one myself that I could also use to tow any future toys (i.e. boat, camping trailer or toy hauler). The discussion forum was awesome and I hope to receive the same constructive advise as my project unfolds.
    Here are some pictures. More to follow as the project progresses. The ball mount is made from a section of 2x2 which I cut in two L-sections, then welded back together to get the width I needed to side up and down a 2x2 tube. I welded a .250 thick plate to the L-sections for reinforcement and then I welded a ball mount that was modified by cutting down the part that goes into the receiver. My next step is to weld on some side plates to re-inforce to connection between the original ball mount and the newly created ball mount. I laided out the intial pieces of my project on my welding table to help give a visual of what I an trying to do. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!!!

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    Is the ball mount that you shortened & welded onto the adjustable channel made from 2x2 solid or tube? Hopefully 2x2 solid. If it is solid did you bevel it before welding or just weld it? Hopefully beveled. If you didn't bevel it then I would put 2 more passes around it.
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      Thanks MMW for the reply. The tube from the ball hitch is not solid. The tube that came with the ball mount was thinner at 3/16 thick. I built up material on the inside to reinforce the outside factory weld. I didn't bevel the 3/16 tube since I felt it was a little thin to start with. I worked to get good penetration on both sides of the joint, with concentration on the thicker plate. I know this joint the weakest link and had already planned to weld .250 thick plate to each side connecting the thick formed ball mount metal to the thicker .250 plate. I know it may seem confusing, so I will post pictures when I get to that stage. I will weld a second bead per your advise before adding the side plates. Again thank you for your time and advice!!!
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        Did you weld it with flux core?
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          No, solid wire with 75/25 argon/co2.
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