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    Ths is for another project I am doing. Since joining this forum, I have become very critical of my welds. So, I am going to throw myself to the wolves. I appreciate any comment, positive or negative


    The welder I am using I believe is from when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Union Carbide is the name on it. RUnning 75/25, we use it during the day to repair and/or modify safes. By night, I use it to build gym equipment

    First two pics are of an upright for a prowler. 1/4" x 3 plate, 1.9" x 10ga tubing. Uprights are 36" long and attach to a 3x2" frame. Unit has 3 skids on it. Basically you grab onto the uprights and push until you puke. I have pushed 540# fro about 60feet then promptly cramped up. It is a brutal device for getting into shape. great for football players. I'll try to resize the finished product pic.

    Third and fourth pics are for whats called a farmers walk. 3x3 x 3/16" tubing that I filled with concrete. a handle is fit between the uprights, grab on, stand up and walk for distance. each one weighs 90# and you can add additional weights to the rond uprights at either end
    Attached Files
    Miller 350P
    Miller Econotig
    Milwaukee Dry saw
    Evolution Dry saw (for sale)
    Scotchman 350 cold saw
    7x12 bandsaw
    1910 ATW 14 x 72 lathe
    fridge full of adult beverages
    Sirius radio
    callouses and burns a plentysigpic

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    They don't look to bad. I've seen a lot worse from so called "Professionals". In the 2nd pict I would say you were moving to fast on the top right side weld. The other side looks ok to me. A couple of the 90* corner welds look like they might be a tad bit cold as they look a little piled up, but its a little hard to tell.


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      The 90* welds look like there isn't much penetration.


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        I'd say speed was a little to fast and inconsistent. but also as stated I've seen much worse from a so called professional welder.
        Using a grading scale A+ being the best weld I've ever seen F being the worst I've seen (like my first try at stick welding ) I remember my Dad asking if it was chewing gum or pidgin $hit I was welding with because that's what they looked like.
        I'd say you are right there at a B to B+. The welds would pass an inspection now it just refining the details.
        I've been a machinist for so long I expect everything I do to come out as near perfect as possible and it just pi$$es me off to no end when my welds don't look text book perfect. I have to remember it's function first aesthetics second but I still try for the perfect bead every time.
        Miller Syncrowave 200 W/Radiator 1A & water cooled torch
        Millermatic 252 on the wish list
        Bridgeport Mill W/ 2 axis CNC control
        South bend lathe 10LX40
        K.O. Lee surface grinder 6X18
        Over 20 years as a Machinist Toolmaker
        A TWO CAR garage full of tools and a fridge full of beer
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          basic terms... to fast!!!


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            Too fast and maybe too hot. But likely too fast especially for that thickness material.
            Miller Maxstar 200 DX
            RMLS-14 Momentary Hand Control
            Miller Syncrowave 180 SD
            Porter Cable 14" dry metal saw
            Hitachi 4.5" grinder


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              Fast and hot is good.


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                From the number of clear lenses I have to change on the shop's hood,
                or more nearly- I have to change the outer one each time after you're done.

                I'd say you're looking straight down through the smoke column,
                instead of from the side, and just can't see what you're doing after about 2 minutes.

                I've come in on Monday, and gone to use it--
                I"ll pick it up and think,
                'Gosh, that boy couldn't tell if its daylight or dark when looking through this thing'.
                "Gone are the days of wooden ships, and Iron men.
                I doubt we'll see either of their likes again".

                Circa 1920.
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