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My 1st project, a welding table w/ photos

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  • My 1st project, a welding table w/ photos

    I went to a salvage yard to find a something
    to work as a table top. Its 10 minutes before
    closing time and the guy wants to go home.
    I find a piece and we hand load it into my truck.
    He says it must weigh 200 pounds. He takes $40
    cash. I'm thinking 250 pounds. I take it home
    and it measures 40 x 28 x 1 1/4, which comes out
    to 390 pounds. I get the frame for the table from
    my BIL, and buy some other pieces to finish it off.

    I cut 9 inches out the table frame and welded it back
    together to make it 36 high. I also welded 2 wheels
    on the bottom, so I can move it around my shop (it's
    also a wood shop).

    Here is a photo with the removable sides installed.
    The top has some holes in it which work good for
    putting the gun nozzle in, etc. There are also some
    1/2 threaded holes which I plan to add some clamps.

    Here is a photo with the drawer I made. I used an old bed frame which had been sitting in storage for over 10 years for part of it.

    Here is a photo of everything put away. The removable sides slide into the side of the table. This allows me to use this as an extension to my table saw.

    Here is a bad quality photo of a sample weld. On the left is the front side weld, and on the right is the backside weld.

    I had a lot of fun building the welding table. There are some bad welds and some good welds (I think). I did learn that without the gas, the welds are terrible.
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    Thats a nice score, now you need a few cans of blue paint to finish it off!
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      That's pretty cool. I like the design of the side screens, with the storage below. What is BIL?


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        I'd have to get all the rust off before painting it.

        BIL = Brother in law. I guess acronyms don't carry across forums.


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          Originally posted by d_todd_phelps View Post
          BIL = Brother in law. I guess acronyms don't carry across forums.
          Ah, I was trying to infer a regular supply (or scrap) outfit, as in LWS.


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            Nice steal on that top.

            I'd add two more drawers, they're much more accessible. I'd put one right on top of the bottom shelf and put the 3rd between them. My weld table is about that size, 34" tall and has 6 drawers. The top one is just a pull out shelf that I weld on. I used good full extension sliders, which I'm sure will 'crud' up over time but work well so far. None of them are tall enough for my helmet though.

            I used an old computer cart, so it's nowhere near heavy enough for most shops.
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