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Almost Finished Welding Trailer

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    Very nice, I would have used a different beer to power it;
    But other than that... Perfection!
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      RAd- where's the torch?

      "In the box" good place for it. Less mischif makers se, the less they are temped.

      Very cool- kudos to you, dude
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        welding trailer

        Originally posted by RAD View Post
        I pulled the trailer yesterday to a small job. I took it about 60 miles round trip and the trailer pulled very good. I was impressed with how well it pulled being it only has a 6ft long deck and 4ft wide with 30" of tongue.

        I will keep an eye on that. Thanks for the heads up!
        I agree with RAD completely, I made the first trailer same way, I've been there. It will bend where the deck meets the tongue, this is only intended to save your welder. When you hit a big pothole the stress will be too much for the neck, the tool box won't help it any depending on weight. It does look nice. P.S. put some Miller Decals on it.


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          Just thought I would leave this, it is a website for miller decals for your trailer and machine. Later Josh


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            Nice rig, RAD!

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