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    actually once u get into it seriously and get sponders its really just an evereday thing. somebodys team i know has their dad running a paintball shop and gets a ton of free stuff and their great people.
    welding...its awsome


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      Originally posted by fun4now View Post
      it would seem you would need a job to be able to buy all the stuff yoiu need to play 3 days a week.
      the welding gig will do you more good in the long run. kinda hard to take a date out on a box of paint *****.
      I payed for alot of stuff my first 2 years but when I got on the dogs we had alot of people backing us up like sponsors and fields and ya it became a every day thing but not much changed thats the thing ran the same drills and stuff the only thing that changed was the free paint and gear. so thats why I stopped cant make a career out of paintball but you can out of welding thats just the way I looked at it.
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