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What's the best way to weld copper?

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    If you are looking to use lesser amps, you can tig weld using grade III silver. It melts at way less temperature than copper. It won't be a perfect color match but it will be strong. Make sure you don't melt the base material before you start to add the Grade III. Start the arc, keep dabbing with the Grade III until it begins to flow. You'll get the hang of it in no time. If you do it right, it can look similar to an aluminum tig joint.


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      welding copper

      You mentioned that it has to be strong, so i would go with the silicon-bronze filler rod. Parent metal does give the best color match but has very little strength. Also, the heat affected zone will become considerably softer due to the intense heat input required to weld the copper. I wouldn`t recommend trying to preheat either as it would be dissipated so quickly all your material would be annealed before it actually did you any good. Use a tig welder set to DC- just like you would for steel or s. steel but pay attention to detail when grinding the point on your tungsten. Most of us learned the proper way but usually just quickly spin a point back on it the quickest way we can. Make sure your grinding lines run longitudinal to the point, then grind yourself a generous flat spot to the point itself. This will get your heat into the copper quickly and concentrated. Stand on the pedal and work yourself a little circle till you get a wet puddle and go. If you back out of the heat too quickly anywhere along the weld you`ll loose your puddle and have too start it again which will just anneal more area than you want too. When you get it right the welds will look just like beautiful aluminum welds and almost as quickly. If you can get your hands on it, 75%He/25%Ar gas will make all this happen a lot quicker.
      Good luck and enjoy your project.............Dave.


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        Welding copper

        I want to weld 1/8 or 3/16 in copper bars. Will a Miller XMT 304 CC have enough amps?


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          I have joined thicker copper using my MM210 with silicon bronze wire and 100 percent Argon. I am not all that familiar with the 304, but taking a quick look at the Miller info on it, I would say you should not have any problems. I think your machine has a lot more kick than the MM210. What are you joining the copper for? I have used the silicon bronze to join some #2 solid copper together for ground conductors. When used for this purpose, you eliminate any bad connections. One thing though, the electrician I did this for cleaned the weld area, and coated the joint with something to prevent corrosion. I have pieces of copper I joined about 6 years ago that does not show any corrosion.