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  • Some of what I do

    Tuesday I did some repairs on a sand hopper under a wet screen.
    The first pic is inside the hopper after removing a worn out end plate.
    The second is an aerial view of my truck. And an old Airpak.
    3 It's nice to have a crane instead of dragging it all up a ladder.
    4 You bet I threw those leads down
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    It's always nice to see what goes on in the trenches. I get spoiled doing mostly GTAW, with a little GMAW mixed in, and do very little mobile work. I'm about to take a leap though and get an engine drive as I have a little venture on the horizon that just may pan out. Thanks for sharing the pics.
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      Looks familiar........

      Nice job Jeff; "meat & 'taters" work for sure. I do a lot of aggregate equipment work here now.........and you are right; the crane makes tough jobs much more bearable.