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rock slider project (metal question)

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  • rock slider project (metal question)

    As my next project I am making some Rock Sliders for my truck (95 Nissan Pathfinder (4000 lbs))
    Using 2" x .120 wall DOM steel tubing, for mounting plates I am unsure what to use & am thinking grade 50 steel plates

    (6" wide but what thickness would be recommended)

    I am going to bolt & weld plates onto the frame outside & bottom of frame rail at 4 points on each side.
    Not sure if I made sense yet as I am just getting caffinated after a long night with an Exchange server I hate Bill Gates some days
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    Why Grade 50?

    These are rock sliders not bridges

    Seems like Mild Steel would work just fine.
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      Mild steel would work perfectly. No need for anything over 1/4". Chevy full size truck frames are made from 3/16".

      A few well placed gussets and you'll be ready to slide.
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        And why the heck would you want to use DOM for rock sliders, have you priced it yet? Mild steel will work perfectly for those.


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          I hate to say it but, a lot of wheelers use pipe for sliders. Pipe doesn't seem to dent as easy as DOM or mild steel tube.


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            I was going off of specs from other sliders with the DOM and at some point I would like to make a winch bumper. (I am in welding terms; a PC guy & welding is just a hobby which I enjoy greatly) wish I would have done more when I was younger!
            sliders seemed a safe enough test as if they fail I will just dent my truck. mild steel it is!-)

            thanks for the direction, still learning my grades of steel
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