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    has anyone else had the please of using one of these?
    they are amazing, and make fabrication so much easier

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    Yes indeed. I have been using one at our high school school for about 2 years now. Drew up a bunch of different designs and rented a booth at the fair and made about 500 dollars. At the beginning of my metal class this year the teacher introduced me as the "Godfather of the Plasma Cam." Have made everything from lamps to parts to welcome signs. The program is great. What torch are you all using to run yours?

    BTW here are a few pics of two projects I did for the fair. Just a sample of the artsy stuff you can do in addition to part fabrication.


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      My son used one at vo-tech and made me a new sign with it. I'll take a pic of it and post. Those things are awesome. Kinda pricey but really work good. They have a Thermal dynamics cutmaster 81 in theirs. The sign he made me was out of 10ga and cut great. He's made all kinds of parts for the metal shop that builds min-choppers. Funny, he's in the HVAC class but the metal shop gets him to make the parts for them. Of course he's been working in my shop ever since he could walk. You should be proud of being introduced that way. Great job on the pieces you made
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        we are using a thermal dynamics cutmaster 101, which has great detail. we have cut small great danes out of heat treated 16g steel that would fit on 2 finger tips. it is ridiculouse how great the detail is. not to mention we fabricate picket fencing to put on top of brick walls, and we have to cut out base plates to bolt to the brick, we can draw one out on the program and copy that to fit a 4x5 sheet. So much easier than cutting out hundreds of plates by hand then drilling out the holes also