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Stainless TIG Pipe Test

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  • Stainless TIG Pipe Test

    I'm testing for my stainless TIG pipe ticket on Wed. in Edmonton. I've been practising for the past week since I haven't done any TIG welding in 4 years. The root is going good as is the hot pass. The fill and cap apparently must be done using stainless electrodes which I am finding rather difficult to use. It is so liquid and seems to run good for a bit and then go to crap just as quick. Any tips? Wish I could do the whole fricken thing with TIG considering it IS a TIG weld test???!!!!!????? Makes little sense to this welder anyways.

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    I think she took the same test, theres some tips from others.


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      Thanks...I read thru the entire thread and some of it was helpful.
      I'm testing on 2" sched 160 carbon steel pipe tho and my problem is with the SS welding rod I have to use for the fill and cap. I didn't see anything on this in that post, just tips on a TIG fill and cap which is what I would've figured to be the proper procedure here as well...but is not?!? Testing for my SS TIG on carbon pipe? How does this make sense? And who came up with the brilliant idea of using stick to fill and cap it???? is what it is. I just hope that I can keep that stainless rod looking half decent tomorrow on the test.