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    And they said a person couldn't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. Looks like you have done just that. Nice job & thanks for sharing.
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      Originally posted by KBar View Post
      Looks great Dave, great work. The guy may want to close off the back of the fenders though so the tires are not kicking up stones onto his bike, or slop when its raining.
      In a normal situation that would be no question to closing off the fender backs, but part of the fun in doing a project like this is trying not to spend any money or any extra time involved.

      The trailer was free, abandoned on my doorstep, the 1/2" square tube for the fenders is left over from some railings I did recently and the fender skins were part of a left over sheetof 14 ga. from another job. The silver paint was left over from yet another project. The only out of pocket expense was for the lighting kit. I don't factor in the electric or other utilities as the compressor and lights would have been on and running anyways.

      It certainly would have been faster and easier to just buy a set of fenders but that takes away from the challenge of the project and I do have a full 5x10 sheet I could have cut up for the fender backs but that would be foolish on my part to do so for a $400.00 trailer, All in all I have about a half a day in labor and 15 dollars in parts to make a $385 profit on a slow day in between other projects.

      No excuses, just the reasoning on my part for the lack of fender backs. Dave
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        Dave, I understand your reasoning and challenge. Thats why I said the guy that bought it may want to close off the inside of the fender. That is too nice of a bike to let it get damaged.

        What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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          Gotta hand it to you dave u did some thingthat most poeple would not and made a proffit! I counted 15+ clamps and i say pluss cuase you couldn't see through that god aful glare. mabe u should take your profit and invest in some photography lessons... or you could buy one of the new style Digital elite helmets! I'd take the ladder.
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            Trailer looks awsome!!!!!!!!
            but the last few pics hurt my eyes!!!!!!!!
            drink a beer before the pics to steady your hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I'm not late...
            I'm just on Hawaiian Time