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    WOW BOB!!! That gun looks cool!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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      I have the 1964 version of that gun my dad bought new with his Westinghouse mig. I still have both of them in working order...Bob
      Bob Wright

      Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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        My whole thing was ,

        having a mildly capable MIG feature on a nice machine like mine.
        I'll probablly just buy a MM series to top off my Syncro............ Now that I am changing jobs, with almost double the pay. Oh yeah and one of those nice Miller Plasma boxes too.
        SYNCROWAVE 200
        Atlas 618 lathe (vintage 1960) reconditioned DC
        Sioux 3/8 Pneumatic Reversible Drill
        Makita Everything else
        2400 square feet of Sanford and Son lookin shop space
        "Once the spoon flys, putting the pin back in won't solve anything"
        USA 15T, 15V two cans, one welder


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          just talked to the guy over at the local Red e arc and he's telling me you won't like how a CC welder and a voltage sensing wire feeder work. I quote "it's only used on thick sections because it requires a lot of heat to make it forgiving"
          I guess the voltage sensing aspect of it makes it a bit troublesome at lower amperage settings.
          And it is typically used with flux core only, they will work with solid wire but are even more problematic at lower settings
          So I guess it's a MM252 or I could pick up on of the lease returns they have. They got five MM251's and are only looking to get $1300 each.
          Miller Syncrowave 200 W/Radiator 1A & water cooled torch
          Millermatic 252 on the wish list
          Bridgeport Mill W/ 2 axis CNC control
          South bend lathe 10LX40
          K.O. Lee surface grinder 6X18
          Over 20 years as a Machinist Toolmaker
          A TWO CAR garage full of tools and a fridge full of beer
          Auto shades are for rookies