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    I've never used a flap disc but many of you brag on them. It was $4.97. I use soft pads a lot. Will a flap disc last as long as say 5 soft pads considering they cost over $1 each at local hardware stores? If so they will be worth their cost if they do. Comments?
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    I get the flap disks from

    $1.79 for each flap disk. The shipping is not real cheap so you might want to order large quantity with a friend.

    These are quality flap disks. I used type 29 (conical).
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      I am just a hobby welder, but I like the flap disks. In fact I may be more of an expert on them than the real welders because I get more practice grinding because of the poorer quality of my welds and fitups. I have some from Northern that I like, but I am about to try Lee Valley because of the comments on this forum. If you buy 10 at 1.79 and add 9.50 shipping, that is 2.74 per disk, a pretty good deal. I think most recomment the 60 or 80 grit zirconia.
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        We use a lot of flap discs at work for finishing welds or other not so attractive finishes that "appear" on finished parts. They are really quite versatile, although they do remove metal differently (not always right at the centre of the contact, and have a larger contact surface) so you have to pay a little closer attention. In some cases they may actually remove metal faster than a regular grinding disc since they are sort of like a belt sander in nature, but obviously they are not the greatest for cutting out welds and the like.

        If I was you I would just go to the LWS and pick up one to see if you like, and if you do look for the best price to order in bulk.
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          I have been using
          flap disks for several years. I get a 10 pack of 40 to 80 grit.


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            Flap away...

            Monte pick up a couple and check them out. I think you will wonder how you did without them! I am reaching for mine all the time; basically having a dedicated grinder for them.

            The 60 grit ones take off material faster than you might expect. The do not leave scratches like a hard disk and they do last pretty long if you are not trying to take down large amounts of material all the time. If you have a 60 and an 80 your in good shape for a start.

            On flat surfaces you need to take care because although you will not leave scratches you can make it look wavy.

            Another difference is that the edge is not square (and quicly gets more rounded) so you need to get out that hard stone for squaring out an inside corner.

            Personally I REALLY like the ones that have the 5/8" threaded arbor built right on. They are a bit more expensive, but I do the same with the hard wheels and you can change wheels in like 10 seconds.

            I usually have the 5" with a thin kerf cut off wheel, a die grinder with a stone for hard to reach stuff and a 4 1/2" with the flapper which I switch to a hard stone when I need to take a lot of material down or get in a fillet corner/square. I could set up yet another grinder, but the cords already get to be a pain and then I will need to post with the guy with the armoured cable cord protector

            I have noticed a pretty large difference in the quality of all these abrasives. Funny thing is you don't realize your using crappy stuff until you happen on a really good one! Then you're like WOW, these are awesome.

            Happy shopping

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              Lots and lots....

              We couldn't operate without flap disks and probably use up a couple dozen a week due to the nature of our work (finish steel contractor/gates, hand rails, lighting etc.) We all switched to Hilti tools several years back and also started using their consumables and fasteners. Although Hilti has a hefty price tag, their quality is far superior to anything out there and I would say the same about their flap disks. Check them out here:

              Flap away!

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                I've been using the Forneys for close to 10 yrs.
                Heck Wal-Mart even has Black and Decker ones!!!

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                  Hilti cut off...

                  Hi Tacmig...

                  Just a heads up. I have almost as many, actually more red hilti boxes in my shop than blue and I love them. But the other day I tried a couple Hiliti thin kerf cut off disks (5") and I was pretty disappointed how quickly they burnt down. Never tried the Hilti Flappers.

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                    I tried hilti 4-1/2" cut-off disks vs. Nortons...Hilti's are so flimsy!!! Everything else that I've used of Hilti's is #1 (hammers and drills)!!!!
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                      The norton gemini stuff is ok. the NorZon stuff is the shizzz, but crazy expensive. The nice thing about abrasives that last is you concentrate on working rather than changing out. Plus you tend to try to get a bit more out of the blade or disk and probably wait longer than you should to swap...

                      So if one is 3 times more expensive but lasts at least 3 times longer it gets my vote...

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                        you definitely want to give them a try. the lehigh valley are a great deal. they also have the ones with the thread built into the disk now if you want that kind. its $2.35 per disk for them.
                        may not be up to the walter standard but the walters are about $9.5 per disk. for the $ its hard to beat the Valley guys, good quality and a decent price.
                        once you start using them you will never stop, great for all kinds of stuff from prep to finish.
                        thanks for the help
                        hope i helped
                        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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                          I have used for a couple of years and think their products are better than the stuff I find at HD plus much less expensive when you factor in large (annual) purchases, no sales tax and reasonable shipping (on large buys). Honestly, they wear better than the OTC stuff at the big box stores.
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                            I had been using the Forney brand at $4.79 per disk. Used about 50-70 last year.

                            A buddy of mine brought me a box of 10 that he picked up at a small discount tool store.
                            The disks are made in China just as the Forneys are, seem to last just as long tho.
                            The best part $13.00 per box of 10.

                            Heading over there in a little while, will buy all I can.
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                              flap discs

                              I use them all the time....... have a 5" grinder dedicated to them

                              makes a nice finish after a regular grinder.

                              once you try them you will never be without them
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