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  • lincweld problem

    I know this is a miller-sponsored site, but I'm grabbing for straws on this one. I bought a lincweld 225 a while back off e-bay (I know, not very wise), and after countless problems, I have the unit in my possession with way tooooo much money spent. I got the motor running, but now I have nothing on the welding side. Can't find a short in the coils, and the battery is hooked up. Can't get a wiring diagram from Lincoln anymore.

    If ANYONE has any info they could send my way or useful ideas (short of using it as a boat anchor), I would be infitely indebted (to the point of not spending much more money).

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    try the ask andy site lots of lincoln engen drive guys there, and the hobart board would be a good place also. thats not to say you wont get help here as many are on all 3 forems but it just might be a faster way to get info and the more you ask the more chances you have of getting the info you need ,
    good luck
    and we will let the slip up of buying red slide this time just dont let it happen again.LOL
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      Hey crzdriver do you know the year of the machince and you can go to the linclon page your to the welding supply store and that can grt you one


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        it could be as simple as a wire hooked up wrong or somthing.
        where are you located?
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