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  • OA set up questions

    I already had a oxy-propane bench burner torch with regulators, attached in-line flashback arrestors at the regulators, and a Grade T hose. I just bought a new Victor torch with built-in flashback arrestors/check valves and a Grade T hose.


    A. Can I use the same Grade T hose for both propane and acetylene? Or should I use a different one for each gas? (Not that it's a big deal since I have 2 of them.)

    B. Should I leave the in-line flashback arrestors in place when using the Victor torch? Or should I remove them? Will using 2 arrestors together noticeably restrict the gas flow?

    As long as we're on the subject, maybe someone can clear something else up for me and Bert. We've all been told that the acetylene cylinders should be stored and used in the upright position. So what happens if it's been laying on its side? How long should it be upright before using it?

    Bert says most experienced welders have told him at least 1/2 hour (which I assume is what they've gotten away with -- without getting themselves blowed up).

    The local Airgas told us at least as long as it's been laying on its side (which I assume is because they don't want to be nailed down to a specific time "for legal reasons"). So what if you don't know how long it's been on its side?

    OSHA safety pamphlet says at least 2 hours (which I assume is the CGA-recommended "safe" time).

    And then there's this article -- written by CONCOA Precision Gas Controls technical services manager (so you'd think that he should know) -- which says that acetylene tanks are just as stable and can be used while laying on its side.

    Anybody out there know for sure? Otherwise, I guess I'm sticking to the 2-hour OSHA rule to be on the safe side.