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Picket Twister Pics per request...

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    Left hand blue...

    When I saw the title "twister" I expected to see some tarts on a mat with colored dots...

    But this twister is even COOLER.

    Nice job Monte and nice baskets c neck!

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      Originally posted by bullchuck View Post
      montee55 you always come up with some good ideas on home made tools. i plan on making a twister and have a couple of questions.

      do you know how much output torque your gear box has ? i have look at some from surplus center and they range from 336 to 3000 inch #.

      the shaft that comes off the gear box that turns the picket , is that a impact socket welded on it ?

      also could you post some pics of the switch that you talk about ?

      keep up the good work. thanks Mark
      The torque depends on input power, gear ratio etc..My gearbox has a 5/8" input shaft and a 1" output. I'm sure it'll do more than I am using it for now. The size of the output shaft and the gearbox itself is a good indicator of how stout the unit is and what it can do. Don't skimp on your's the heart of your machine. I have no idea what the torque of mine is.....It falls under the category of "Twist the crap out of it"
      It is a 1 1/8 x 1/2 drive socket welded to the end of the mandrel.
      The switch circuit is a little complicated and I don't know how to put diagrams
      on the computer. It could be as simple as a cam on the shaft tripping a light switch.
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