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Picket Twister Pics per request...

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  • monte55
    Picket Twister second half of pictures...

    Here is the second half of the picket twister pictures...
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  • monte55
    started a topic Picket Twister Pics per request...

    Picket Twister Pics per request...

    I have had some requests to post more detailed pictures of the picket twister and some spec info.

    Gear Box: 30 to 1 ratio
    Motor: 1/2 hp 120 Volt 1725 RPM
    10 in pulley on gear box 3 in on motor 1/2 in V Belt
    I Beam 6 inches wide

    This machine was built to twist 1/2 in solid square material for decorative pickets.
    The following is based on making 36 in pickets as a standard and pickets up to 44 in for special applications;
    36 in picket with basket: 5" from end, 6" of twist, 4 1/2" to basket which is
    about 5" long, another 4 1/2", then 6" of twist again, then the last 5" to the end. This should equal 36"

    36" Picket without basket: 6" twist 5" from end on both ends.
    Longer than 36" pickets will require inserting the bottom of the picket further into the mandrel so the bottom twist will line up with any length picket. The
    numbers and holes on the mandrel provide stops for these given pickets.

    The piece with the vice grips slides along the top of the I Beam easily and can be locked down at any position according to where you decide to put the twist in the material (and the length of the twist). You will notice that the vice grips are welded to the piece. Setting the vice grips down and forgetting where you put them got to be old so I welded them and it works so much better. When you are making 200 pickets or more and each picket has at least two twists, any time saved is worth it.

    When we first made a twister, we twisted hundreds and hundreds of pickets by manually turning on a switch and hoping you turned it off at exactly the right time. Under twisting and over twisting both create problems. Trying to correct for them generally ends up in a slightly bowed picket.

    I finally used a micro switch, holding relay, 24 volt transformer, momentary on push button and an on and off switch.
    I hit the button and release it and the holding relay keeps the machine running for one complete revolution and always stops at the right time. If I need a double twist I will just hit the button again.

    This twister will actually twist a half inch solid right in two. I am sure it would have no problems twisting 5/8 square solid but I have not made that mandrel yet.

    Also, if I switch mandrels, I also can make my rings on this machine which you can see in my videos, on Youtube, the link is in my signature.

    I didn't mean to rattle on for so long but some of you have requested more here it is.

    Hope this helps,
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