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Mixed rare gasses

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  • Mixed rare gasses

    If this topic has been covered already please disregard fellas.(I could'nt find one)

    I was just curious then about that tri mix, Argon-helium and CO2, thats also used for shielding.

    I know Argon is used on Alu whilst Argon/Co2 is used on steel. is the tri mix something that can be used on Either metals?

    and then theres them ag8 which are 8% argon or helium but a mixture of these 2 gases only, just that one is 8% of the total volume in the cylinder
    I think its Hel/Arg.

    whats that used for?

    I was just Pondering on these other mixtures. being a Noob I think its ok to ponder no?
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    Tri-mix is used to mig weld stainless steel.

    Argon/Helium mix is for tig. Allows things to get a little hotter.