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A great start for a welding cart....

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  • A great start for a welding cart....

    I was looking through a catalog for material handling equipment and I found this really neat looking cart that would be a great base for a welding cart. It's available in three sizes. Do a Google search on Platt Multi Cart for lots of sources...

    Dartmouth, MA

    Millermatic 185 MIG
    Miller Diversion 165
    Purox W200 O/A
    Grizzly 9957 Mill
    Grizzly 4030 Metal Band Saw
    Grizzly 1050 Knife Belt Sander
    Jet 1236 Metal Lathe
    TP Blast Cabinet

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    I dunno. I actually have one of those carts. They are nice (as carts) because they fold up and are portable, but they are not that cheap (like $100 or so IIRC). To convert to a welding cart, once you take off the folding parts, what you'd be left with would not end up being that much of your final cart anyway. I think it'd be quicker to start from scratch, or if you really want a head start, maybe you'd be better off starting with a hand truck.

    I was going to build a cart until found this at a local computer junk shop for $30. It's an old Tektronix oscilloscope cart. The old 'scope carts like this, go for cheap because the new 'scopes are much smaller now. If you live in area that has electronic junk, it might be worth wasting a Saturday looking for one of these.
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      At the moment, this is what I'm using (here's some photos I saved from the box):

      I was doing some repair work at my mom's house, and needed a small scaffold. I found this 4-ft portable scaffold for $99 made by Werner Ladder. The frame is 4' high x 4' wide x 2' deep. Has 4 heights, 2 4-ft x 8.5" steel planks, locking wheels, and carries 500 lbs. per plank. It collapses down to 2-ft x 4-ft x 6-in (since it hardly takes up any space in my car trunk, that's where I used to keep it when not in use).

      I use it as a cart to haul the tools and materials around, and then set it up either as a scaffold or work bench. I've used it a few times to weld on. Usually just threw on a scrap steel plate as the work surface. I guess I should think of a more permanent welding surface. But the problem is keeping the design portable and minimalist yet sturdy enough.