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Bike shop work benches... Let me know what you think..

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  • Bike shop work benches... Let me know what you think..

    These were the first two work benches I've built and there's a standing cabinet on the way... These two are just painted but my cabinet just got done being powder coated.. It was actually cheaper to powder coat it than paint it. $50... I thought that was a steal.

    Anybody use that bending brake project they have listed on the welding projects page? I really need a bender for some fuel cells for my shifter carts.

    I'm loving this forum... very informative for a rookie!!!
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    They should work very the chain handles......I have about 15 ft of small forklift chain I know what I'm using it for now....
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      WOW!! great job.
      if the bender is the one i think it is by sundown, he sent me a set of plans for it but i have not had a chance to make it yet, but it looks like i good plan, i just gottta get the stuff togather and make it.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        Nice work, I also like the chain handles.

        I'll keep that in mind for some of new cabinates we are making.


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          Very nice job-the chain handles add a lot!!


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            Nice job the checker and the black tubing go good together as does the storage for the creeper I would like to see the bike stand and the bender though. A+ from me


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              Very nice looking stuff, I'm just not sure about the "rookie" title. Your stuff looks great. Great idea on the chain handles and aluminum doors
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                they already said it, but nice


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                  bikecollector1220 your benches look unbelievable! want to make myself a tool box or lunch box out of that material. Did you ever think you might make matching top shelves that would give you more room to put tools and other things?
                  Thanks for reading I hope my post helped



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                    I like your work benches and love the handles. Very nice idea. Hope you don't mind if we steal it.