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mig gas nozzle and difusser??

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  • mig gas nozzle and difusser??

    I just picked up a used millermatic 200. It has a tweco gun that i believe to be a #4. It came with a box of old tips, nozzles, and difussers. I know that the contact tips are a 14 series, but it came with both 52 and 54 series diffusers as well as with 22 and 24 series nozzles. Im trying to buy new ones, but need to know what should i really be using?? I have a synchcrowave 250 as my primary welder and am new to the mig thing and this is confusing the **** out of me. Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. (dont know if it matters, but it will mainly be used for craft projects....stuffing horse shoes together and such)

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    I am not a big Tweco fan anymore but here is some info...Bob

    #52 diffuser and the #22 nozzle fits the #2 mig gun.
    #54 diffuser and the #24 nozzle fits the #3 and #4 mig gun.
    Bob Wright

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