My LWS (no, I don’t own it, I just trade there), Matheson Tri-Gas, is having an open house here in Albuquerque on 28-29 June 2007. Just thought I would give a heads up to anyone in the area. Food and beverages will be served, drawing on Friday for welding machines-helmets-torch sets-and more will be held, hands on demos and seminars by factory reps, and custom cars and art created by customers will be on display. These vendors are scheduled to be there: MILLER, Lincoln, Thermal, Harris, Lenox, Jackson, Western, Victor, Tillman, Norton, Tweco. I know most of you won’t be there as we are kind of isolated, but for those who can attend it has been fun in the past. No, I don’t work for them, actually I only work for SWMBO these days, but these guys have treated me great and I wanted to let those who are close enough to attend know about it.