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Small tank cart, version 1

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  • Small tank cart, version 1

    I had my Dynasty on a dolly type cart, with the small Argon bottle sitting over the wheels. It was decent, but I couldn't haul it out of the van as a unit, and by the time I put everything back on the cart, i could have made two trips.

    Now I just carry the welder. That left the problem of the tank.

    This cart is small enough that I can pick it up with the tank, and it is secure to the tank.

    I've never seen my idea before, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

    It can also lay down and be level sitting on the handle.

    Thanks for looking,


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    COOL IDEA!!!! I like it!! If ya had a big shop and when you got your cylinders filled you could build one of those to transport them from your truck to your shop , maybe even make it a cylinder rack type deal!

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      Wow, great idea. Looks like the bottom is captive too but kinda hard to see. I was thinking of making a hand cart similar, but I think I like your design.

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        Thanks guys.

        The tank is captive in the bottom too.

        The tank sits on a 1/8" plate. 1 1/2" above that is another plate with a 7" hole cut in it. My spacers are 1" square tube.

        I still have some grinding to do as well as paint but I'm too busy to fool with that right now.



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          i just throw it on my shoulder,or under one arm
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            And yet another 'outside the box' idea. Keep yer mind open.

            Does it just 'wiggle out' with the cap off?
            And, what's the bolt 4" down?
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              I like the idea a lot. Couple questions though. Does it rest on the wheels when it is upright? Also, do you feel confident in the stability, as in do you draw from it as is or secure it when in use?



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                The handle and collar are made as one piece, and slide over the tank/into the base at the same time, secured by that bolt.

                The cap then goes over all that. It's still secure w/o the cap, but for transport of course you need the cap.

                There is no weight on the wheels in the upright position.

                It's more stable than I thought it might be. If you lean it to it's balance point on either side and let go, I'll will rock but not fall.

                If you let go from behind it will fall over, but from the front it will just roll on the wheels and then stop.

                I'm satisfied with it's stability but as mentioned, you can also lay it down flat.

                It probably wouldn't hurt to make the base an inch or two wider if you wanted more stability. For me, it will be sitting against a wall or welder all of the time. It'll be chained in my van for transport.




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                  Ah-hah! That's the detail I've been waiting for. Pretty trick, and could be employed in many a cart.

                  Originally posted by jamscal View Post
                  The handle and collar are made as one piece, and slide over the tank/into the base at the same time, secured by that bolt.