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    rbertalotto asked about the track loader, so I put this slide show together. This is a first, hope it works. Click on the pic for slide show. If you put your mouse over the slide show pic I think a pop up (forward/reverse/pause) will come up.

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    pretty cool...keep up the good work...
    my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
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      Thanks welderman. Sure makes life easier having that track loader.


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        I didn't realize your machine was a walk behind......I have a Bob Cat with a bunch of attachments, but it's way too big for a lot of the jobs I'd like to do.

        How much will your machine lift? How high will the front loader bucket lift?
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          It will raise a bucket about 6'. Payload is only about 450 lbs. I can put the engine cover down in the back & stand on it for a little extra lift if needed. I rarely lift anything very heavy though. Last summer I loaded a couple pallets full of construction signs. That pretty much maxed it out. I call it my hydraulic shovel. Sometimes I call it a mechanical employee.


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            I must say I'm impressed with your machine and your work. I've never been a fan of those "dinggos". Most of the guys I see using them are trying to turn them into full size skid steers and they just won't do that. They make more of a mess with them than anything else. Very impressive set of attachments you've made and it seems like its the perfect thing for what you use it for.

            I also like the work on the trailer. Nice to see you planning out how to get the best use of the avail. space as opposed to just piling it on. Are the rear legs pin adjustable for height? Looks like a nice idea for the one I'm thinking of building. I've seen sissors jacks on box trailers before and not been impressed. Too much work for to little gain.


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              Thanks for the kind words DSW.
              Yes they are are Pin adjustable for height. The track loader is about 2,500 lbs. so I need them to keep the trailer stable loading / unloading. And, I use the garden tractor to move the trailer around at home. (easier than hooking up the truck all the time). The garden tractor doesn't offer a whole lotta' ballast. First time I unloaded the track loader with the tractor hooked to the trailer it was dangling from the ball hitch.

              I wanted to set the trailer up so everything was there no matter what job I had to do. (couldn't do that with the first smaller trailer). All the attachments pin to the rack, so I don't have to mess with hold downs & chains, etc. I set the sign & post rack up so when I install a sign that's off the road a ways, I can pick everything off the trailer in one scoop with the fork attachment. I load the rack so (at the site) everything can be unloaded in the order it's assembled. (Don't know why I didn't take the time to build this years ago. ). I've got all ness. tools in the big tool box and extra gas & fuel in the small one.

              Makes installing signs a bunch easier.
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                WOW! What a beautiful job. I'd say they look "professional" but that would be an insult, they're way nicer than that.
                Keep up the good work and the pics.


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                  Thanks Kubota8540. I appreciate the comments.