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    Great site.
    I am new to welding and have a few concerns regarding backyard welding.
    I live in one of the suburbs of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The lot sizes are typically 60' x 120' in my area.
    I hope to do some mig and stick welding on a DIY CNC router frame made out of square steel tubing.
    My question is: Am I likely to cause any problems for my neighbors, other than a bit of smoke and noise.
    I'm thinking along the lines of RF interference, magnetic fields etc. crashing computers, or interfering with radio or TV reception.
    I will be using a Miller xmt-350 cc/cv, with a miller suitcase extreme12vs with gas-shielded Flux cored wire (Argon/25% C02).

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    I backyard weld alot and neighbors never complain (50x150 lot)
    may burn down a garage or 2 but you have plenty of room.
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      No complaints here either. I don't run my CNC at the same time in the next room though. As soon as I pull the trigger the CNC stalls, even though it's on a separate circuit.
      I do a fair amount of welding in the evening, so if there was a problem (T.V.) I'd hear about it I'm sure.


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        My lot is 60x160 and i pretty much run a small factory from it. Zoning is the only issue i had...Bob
        Bob Wright

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          Check your HF..

          Generally you won't have any problems since the RF radiation is only good for about 5 feet and since you are being fed from a separate panel, line noise is not an issue. However, if you are using a tig with HF start, you may want to consult anyone within 100' to see if they have a defibrillator and/or pacemaker implant just to play it safe. You can find additional info regarding HF starts in your manual or here at Miller's site.

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            The main thing I usually worry about is unintentionally exposing the neighbors to arc flash. I usually try to curtain off the area.


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              seems like we went over the arc flash distance equation a wile back and after 50ft it was not a problem. i could be wrong here as its been a wile. maybe some one knows for shore, but its a degenerative thing as distance reduces its intensity or efect on the eye.

              welcome to the site Stick
              thanks for the help
              hope i helped
              feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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                The flash could be just plain annoying tho. I'd want to TRY to be considerate if possible

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                  Originally posted by fun4now View Post
                  seems like we went over the arc flash distance equation a wile back and after 50ft it was not a problem. i could be wrong here as its been a wile. maybe some one knows for shore, but its a degenerative thing as distance reduces its intensity or efect on the eye.

                  welcome to the site Stick
                  Strength of the arc, in amperage would dictate, as well as the process but here in BC Worksafe states 40 feet as a safe distance for unshielded eyes.

                  I guess 40 is safe, but at 39 watch out, cause your eyes will melt.
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                    I have a 11,000 SF lot in the suburbs and only weld inside the shop. My Syncro 250 will put out some RF noise when in AC/HF cont mode while welding Al. My wife came out to the shop to ask me to see what was wrong with the TV system. The TV was off but the AV sound system was belting out some loud pulsing static. Funny thing, it stopped making the noise when I came in with her to see what the problem was. I was not gonna confess but she is a sharp one and put two and two together. I try and plan AC/HF TiG work for late at night and make sure the AV amp is off.
                    Stick and MiG don't seem to bother anyone, just the HF stuff.
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                      Never thought about that one.I'll have to check that out the next time an AL job comes up. I have seen the T.V. affected by my wife's sewing machine. The pitch of the speakers & the lines on the screen would change with the RPM of the sewing machine. VERY ANNOYING AS SHE ALWAYS SEEMED TO SEW DURING THE ''GOOD PART'' OF THE SHOW.


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                        I've never had any complaints from the neighbors as far as interference and that stuff is concerned. I do have one neighbor that likes to piss and moan about the noise levels every time I fire up the old engine drive to do some small job in the driveway or garage (we still lack a plug for my machine, Grandma won't let me unplug the dryer every time I need to weld something). This same neighbor also used to ***** ever time I'd drive away in my old 79 Chevy with the straight-pipes. I used to drive by her house, stop at the stopsign, stomp it and squall the tires around the corner just to piss her off. I can see where the HF TIG might cause a problem, might want to check that out but other than that everything should be fine.
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                          Great response,
                          Thanks for the replies.


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                            Most of the time when I fire up the welder the neighbors are attracted to the blue light like moths. They want somthing fixed! LOL
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                              Gosh guys , this is all so true
                              I have experienced some of these things and reading this sure made me laugh

                              Thanks guys

                              .......... Richard