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more backyard back hoe pictures

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  • more backyard back hoe pictures

    Some of you wanted tot see more pictures of my homemade back hoe. This machine has a 1985 hyndie poney engine with a fork lift hydralic pump. The final drive is 3 sets of chains and sprockes to get a 28:1 drive ratio into a narrowed dana 3/4 ton rear end.

    Most of the frabrication was done at home with a old 235 amp buzz box AC welder , chop saw and torches. If I needed more equiptment it was at work, shears, brake, plasma, migs, stick and tigs

    If there is any questions let me know I know that I will be asking some.
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    That's the most impressive backyard project I've ever seen.

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      Wicked nice work and design. I would have thought it to be an OEM backhoe in passing. Very impressive!

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        Backhoe Pics

        Thanks for the additional pics. It looks like a really nice piece of work. Did you also build the bucket on the front?

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          Back ho

          Wow, that thing is amazing... but not the kinda ho in your back yard i thought


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            That puts my homebuilt bucket attachment to shame. Very nice work.


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                Some pretty clever people over here!

                That Bob cat attachment is the *****! And I love the rack you made for the trailer.........Please tell us more about that.

                Dartmouth, MA


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                  I don't want to hi-jack more than I already have. I'll put up a thread when I get a few minutes.


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                    nice trailer

                    That trailer is exactialy what I need, actually I just bought the springs for the flat deck to haul my back hoe. The bucket mount on the trailer to hold the skid steer in place is a great idea I might have to steal it. Great job looks super just one question can you split wood with it also?
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                      No I have a splitter, but I use the track loader to move the big logs.


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                        Homemade BH

                        The guys on would be envious of your work and talent! Check it out and post your photos there as well.