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Adjustable Sawhorses

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  • Adjustable Sawhorses

    Hello all I am a new member here and I was wondering if anyone has some good plans for adjustable heavy duty sawhorses? Any and all feedback will be appreciated.

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    sawhorse plans

    This site, has some good plans for sawhorses. They are non-adjustable though.


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      metal saw horses

      I like to take a 2x4x3/16 48" long and a 2x2x48"long, tack together and drill holes through both, about 5 to 6" in from the ends. Slide allthread through the 2x4. (use at least 1" allthread)(you want the allthread to fit tightly in the 2x4 so when you weld it it will not worp to one side or the other)You want to resese the althread so after you plug weld the top you can grind the 2x4 flush and still have weld left for strenth. You want to drill holes in 2x2 a couple of sizes over the size of your allthread so it will be easy to level.
      Then take 2x2x 3/16 by 28" or so,depending on how tall you are,.Then cut one end at about 60 deg.( 4 each ) then weld at ends of 2x2s starting from top of tube. For extra stability you can add a cross member down around 12"
      When you get both saw horses completed then lay a straight edge on the floor or table beside the legs and draw a cut line on each. If you wait till everything is welded together to make the last cuts at the feet, you can cut the legs to make-up for any worpage you may have got.
      Run a nut on both althreads and slide through the 2x2. YOU are done!