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Another believer in the DW872

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  • Another believer in the DW872

    I bought this saw in july and haven't really used it all that much until recently.

    I don't care for the vise now that I've put some chips through it, but that's because getting it perfectly square and keeping it there is a pain even with the quick release handle adjusted to tighten the snot out of it.

    The base not being cast is another chink in the armor (it'll flex under heavy load). But I didn't care for the blade guard or vise on the Milwaukee, so I went with yellow (they're both chinese now anyway).

    Today I made the biggest cut yet with it and am a convert at last. W6x16 beam.

    Sure, you can cut this in a 4x6 bandsaw for half the price (I paid $380 delivered), but can you do it in under 45 seconds?
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    Glad you are happy with your new toy I know it's such a bummer when there seems to be a lot of "trouble spots", but at least it's there to do the job you REALLY want!!!
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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      I have one, these saws really shine out in the field, but yes the vice does move too much.
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        I like mine and have had no problems with it. I wish I would have bought it sooner.


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          I like mine, They want around $130 for the replacement blade. I found the Dewalt blade on E Bay for $70 new.
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            Nice cuts from a nice machine. I've got the Dewalt abrasive cutoff, with the same type base and vice, and those are my gripes, as well. When you lay a piece of stock in the vice area, there's a slight crown to the base, so, no true flat to make perfect 90 degree vertical cuts. And, some flex in the vice clamping. Not a bad tool, though.


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              I don't do any field work, so I have no need for the portability.

              I am planning a complete remake of the base, to include roller in and out feeds, ruled backstop with work stop, and a revised vise similar to that of a drill press vise. I can use the acme and quick release mechanism in that easy enough. Like a power miter box stand on steroids.

              But that's all after I get my bandsaw done, and that's behind a couple other big projects yet.

              I did 3 cuts on the W6 beams, and about 5 dozen cuts in the 6" channel seen in the close up shot (there's 28 of those little brackets), and this is the majority of the heavier use it's seen. Otherwise, I used it on some electrical strut and odds and ends over the past 9 months but wasn't really sure it was a good investment.

              Ebay is definitely the place to go for blades when the time comes.
              Syncrowave 250DX
              Invison 354MP
              XR Control and 30A

              Airco MED20 feeder
              Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 81
              Smith O/A rig
              And more machinery than you can shake a 7018 rod at