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  • millermatic212 anyone own & like

    whats your opinion on thee millermatic212 or 210? do you like it? i'm looking at the 212. any problems welding 3/8 inch? thanks

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    As for the 212, i've yet to be around one. However, we do have a 210 here at the school and I have used it to weld 3/8" before without any problems. I wouldn't want to go much higher but it handled the 3/8" ok. I prefer the 251/252 series machines for their added capacity and digital readout.
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      the MM210 is an excellent welder well spoken for. the MM212 is the new version with a few changes, mostly cosmetic but the arc is just as nice and it should in time show to be just as nice as the MM210. its an excellent choice.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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        I own the 210 and love it; doesn't make me dinner so it will never replace the wife but it was money well spent!-)
        Millermatic 210


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          I got a new 212 last fall and really like it should be a good machine for ya


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            A search on MM210/212 will give you as much info as you want to read.

            MM210/212 is a well respected line. As the basic specs say, it's rated to weld 3/8" steel in a single pass.
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              I have both and they both weld great. As far as welding 3/8, No problem.
              Good luck,
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                I'm very happy with my Millermatic 210. It's all the GMAW machine I'll ever need, and the way it runs, I'd say it'll be around for my grandsons.

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