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    Hey Guys Another Newbie Question

    First Off I Have A Millermatic 210

    I Know That The Thinner Wire .023 Is For Thinner Metals
    And The Thicker Wire .030 Is For Thicker Metals
    But On The Weld Parameter Chart{in The Owners Manual}
    I Could Use Both Sizes But With Different Settings

    Is One Size Better For Lets Say 1/4'" {because The Chart Dont Show Anything Above That For The .023 Diameter}
    For Penetration Or Strength Or Anything
    Thanks For The Help

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    .030 is a good all around wire and should run nice in your MM210...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      The chart in your welder shows you recommended settings & wire size to get the most efficient use of your welder in terms of metal deposition rate and ease of use on the power source. Penetration would more depend on joint preparation and settings (short circuit transfer vs. spray arc transfer) and strength of the weld depends on you. Your pre-weld preparation, forehand/backhand technique, electode angle, and electrode inclination angle make a huge difference. So does the order in which you stack your passes and your weld reinforcement on the cap pass.

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        yep! go with .030 for every thing with the MM210. its the best all around fit for that welder. i have done inverted welds on 20gage with the MM210 using .030 wire and C-25 gas with no problems. i was realy impressed with its abilitys at the low end. all you will ever need for the MM210 is the .030 unless you have some thing verry spacific that realy needs it and i cant think of any the .030 will be the best fit.
        congrats on the new welder, the MM210 has a great reputation as a good solid welder every one seems to like.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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          I agree with the 2 guys above me .030 would be great. I use .023 in a sp175 that I have [use it for exhaust/sheetmetal] and use .035 in my mm210 [heavier stuff] but if i just could pick one the .030 would be it. right in the middle!
          HMW [Heavy Metal welding]