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  • DDA52
    I just recently replaced a Bobus 225G. They are good machines. Parts are getting tougher to find, but they are still out there. I sidelined mine because of an obsolete part. I could have found one used or something, but I really needed a bigger machine. I rebuilt it from the ground up a few years ago. It ran fine...and still does. Just doesn't weld so hot. The generator is still strong.

    One thing I can tell you with reasonable confidence....the lower stator mount bracket is probably cracked. Most did crack. Easy fix, just pull it and weld it up. I plated mine. Well, I say takes maybe 20 minutes to fix and several hours to disassemble and reassemble the unit. If it isn't seperating, just remember to keep an eye on it and fix it before it gets too bad.

    As far as the Onan, be prepared for sticker shock if you have to get parts. They are pricey. I haven't had to replace many on mine, though. Just ignition module and muffler. Mine would eat batteries when it got pushed hard when it was hot outside. After two, the voltage regulator would fry as well....easy and cheap fix. Just get the manuals, do the PM and it will last a good long time. I have heard of some that have passed over 6000 hours and still kicking.

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  • Bert
    Ask fun4now to make a cover for you

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  • dabar39
    We had 4 bobcat 225's in the last shop I worked at, they were all mounted on the beds of the trucks and never covered from the elements. The only problem we ever had was with the starters, or starter solenoids, but I think that was being out in the weather that caused those problems. We had one that cracked the housing where the starter bolts to, and one that had intermitten problems with the a.c. outlets. All in all, with the small amount of problems we had with them compared to the work time and age of the machines was very good. We used to use them about 10-12 hrs a day with little or no breaktime on them. I would consider them a very reliable unit, and although I don't currently own one I would definatly buy one if I foung a deal on one. Dave

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  • Big_Eddy
    started a topic Bobcat 225

    Bobcat 225

    Bought a lightly used Bobcat 225G from a well driller - he had used it for sticking the well pipes together. Typically 1 or 2 welds per well, 1 well a week.
    Its a late 90's model, 16HP Onan, 8000w generator. It's lived its life outside, so looks a little weathered, but overall seems in great shape.

    I plan to use it as a backup generator and for portable welding around the farm. Before I get stuck into it - does anyone have any experience with these units - things to watch out for, things to check, recommended maintenance? I'll do the usual and change all the fluids and filters, but I'd appreciate feedback from the board on how these units have performed.

    Big Eddy