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    I have been teaching my girlfriend how to weld, cut, and grind over the past 6 months. She has actually gotten good enough at tig welding to the point that I can actually use her for work parts (paying ones)!

    Anyways we slowed down a little so I told her to make something instead of standing around . And this is what she came up with. Go easy on her it's her 1st project! It's all plasma cut free hand and ground/pollished.

    She doesn't know I posted this yet.
    Don't mind the clutter in the background. That is HER syncrowave 250 I picked up for 600.00

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    She might be a keeper.

    I like it.


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      I like it also, put it in the front window of the shop.
      Regards, George

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        You are a lucky man.

        The only interest my better half has in my welding is what I can make for her.

        You can tell your GF she did a very good job.


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          verry cool.
          if she is going to hang it outside it might be a good idea to atach the spinners with a fishing luer spinner so they will spin in the wind, should look realy cool spinning.
          verry cool she likes playing for now but soon she will take over the shop and it will be all arts and crafts.
          good idea to get her her own syncro, might keep her off yours.LOL
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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            She seem's to be doing very good, does she have a sister?(lol)


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              nice work for the first project. is the crok screws made a nibber from alum.
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                Does she have a sister?
                Heck, "do you have a good relationship???"
                JUST KIDDING
                (Oh wait, I'm married... )
                Very cool, she should make a few more stuff like that and try to sell it at the craft show (mother's day is too soon), maybe Christmas???
                I polish my aluminum with a really cool swirl pattern using the flap disk or the scotch-brite pad that sticks to the rubber backing pad...
                I'm not late...
                I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                  Nice art work

                  It always nice to see other artist on this site. I like your girl friend's work, I call my self an artist and would be proud if I had made that. I'm sure she will get even better if she keeps going. But your scrape pile may never be 'yours' again.

                  If you had fun making it, you did a good job

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                    You guy's are great!

                    I showed her the post before I even read it. At first I was called a jerk, and other names..but anyways. She read all your post and was suprised at your comments.

                    When I first met her she said she was artistic and I asked if she ever did it with metal, she said no, I can't. I said yeah you can watch! I am not artistic but I can fix and make just about anything. I just can't think about the art stuff.

                    We were at the shop today and she was messing with bending ss wire in heart shapes and made something really cool. I hope I opened up the artistic side that has been bottled up for a while. I don't care about sharing my stuff! It's all a good way to get/justify more space!

                    Someday I hope I can justify a plasma cam!

                    Thanks again. She may be posting on this subject herself. She did get a kick about the sister question.

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                      I showed my girlfriend your post and now all of a sudden she's in the shop looking thru the scrap bin wanting to make something. This is the first time in the three years she has walked into the shop let alone shown any real interest in what I do (other than collect the money). Tell your girlfriend thanks for showing her artistic side as it has gotten mine interested as well. Dave
                      P.S. nice job on the project.
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                        Hey! It's Mike's Girlfriend...

                        First of all, I want to thank all you guys for being so very humble and gracious. And I really mean that!

                        When ever I found out Mike posted my moon 'n stars, I could have killed him, but as I read all your comments, I thought, what a great forum, it doesn't matter how good the product is, it's the thought and time put into it that's appreciated. That's awesome!

                        I read along with Mike every day and like the fact that every one here seems to help each other out and give each other ideas and what not. It's very inspiring to me. It's not that often that you find a great site like this one.

                        Thanks again for the posative feed back, and also for a great place to come and read and feel at home! - Janet
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                          Keep making stuff to show us.

                          Thats pretty much why we are all here...



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                            It's too cool that you are helping your girlfriend open up her artistic talents.
                            Please remind her when she gets famous and rich, who helped her get there Maybe she'll buy you (or share with you) her new Dynasty 300dx
                            Any shows that she can display her stuff at, like I mentioned to fun4now, will get her name out. They may not want to buy what she has right there, but when they or their boss gets ideas, they'll know who they can go to, to make it
                            I'm not late...
                            I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                              She should get her own screen name so she can come and chat with us. Since she's new to welding maybe she should get one on the ask andy site too. That way she can get more welding related advice, that way she can get good enough at welding to do stuff out of exotic metals such as copper, aluminum or SS. Those could allow her to do some REALY neat things, especialy the copper.

                              P.S. Great looking art, keep it coming!