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Looking for design advice(truck door/ramp)

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  • Looking for design advice(truck door/ramp)

    I am new to this forum and need some help. I have a cube van(U-haul type) that I want to use for transporting motorcycles. The previous owner converted it to an RV. We gutted it to make room inside. It has a wood house door on back instead of the pull down door which is not wide enough. Since I have to do something about that anyway, I though it woud be nice to have a full size ramp/door like on those expensive toy hauler trailers.
    Other than measuring the opening, I have no idea how to design this. What I mean is what type metal to use, angle or square, what thickness to be able to support a full size bike like a Gold Wing without over kill. I once build a deck on the back of my house that I was later told by a few carpenters would support a truck's weight.
    I have a 220 Lincoln welder (AC-225S) and minimal welding experience. I built a bulldozer type blade/plow for my pickup to clear cactus from my back yard from scrap steel pieces we collected.
    It wasn't pretty but worked well.
    Also, would it make sense to use aluminum to make it lighter for lifting? Is it much harder to weld than steel?

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    What type of metal to use

    1.5 x 1.5 x.125 square tubing steel not to heavy yet if you design it right it will hold a small car not a lada or a mini though something a bit bigger.