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    hello everybody, this is my first post here,although i have been reading the posts on this sight for about six months. i have really enjoyed all the pictures,ideas,and info on here, so i wanted to say thanks to you all,and keep up the good work. i have been doing subcontract work for a company for about three years now, mostly production mig and tig welding of small steel parts for oil coolers and heat exchangers. i have been looking for more work of this type,but have been question to all of you is does anyone know of a website where you can bid on subcontract work for private companies,or possibly the military or federal government? i would appreciate any info you could give me,and thank you for your time.

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    Until someone with a more direct site shows up, did you try searching through That should eventually link you through everything the government has online. Supposedly, anyway.


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      [QUOTE=lss;9581]hello everybody, this is my first post here,although i have been reading the posts on this sight for about six months.

      What took you so long to become a member?

      MAC702's idea is a good one, but I also look in the back of my local classified ads as our local government puts ads in there for bid requests on city and county projects in the public notices section. Dave
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        Welcome aboard & don't be shy about asking questions or sharing a project.
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          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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            Don't know about the gov, work....But welcome, lots of smart people on here that make some really cool things
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              I would suggest talking to the guys at the local steel supplier. the guys in the office and the guys out in the shop loading the trucks. they know the guys that are buying steel and do the work , often they know of jobs that need work or people that need to hire help. . . or you could talk to the guys at the local welding store
              go buy visit, get to know them and they will often help you if they can
              heck buy them donuts one morning. just be nice and keep asking

              Welcome to the forum



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                welcome on here it is a great welding board

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