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Filling Holes in Sheetmetal

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  • Filling Holes in Sheetmetal

    I'm filling holes in sheetmetal from anywhere from pin holes to 1/2 in size. As I fill them, I'm ending up with too much material build up that I then need to grind smooth.

    Any suggestions to eliminate this extra effort?

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    We'll assume your using GMAW with a C-25 gas and .023 wire for best results.

    Next, make sure you are pulsing the trigger to minimize the heat input while still adding filler.

    Now, the coup de grace: get a flat piece of copper (we call it a "spoon") even if you have to flatten out a piece of copper pipe. Place it behind the hole and the molten steel will not stick to it while it holds it in place for a nice smooth backside.


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      filling holes

      I agree with MAC702 but I use a slab of brass behind the area to be filled. Also on some of the bigger holes I would cut a piece of sheet steel and tack it behind the repair area if you can, cut out any bad or rusty metal and slide the piece behind it and weld away.
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        Along with the other good suggestions, get some ESAB Easy Grind wire in .023 size.
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          Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the lack of initial information. I'm new to the whole forum thing.

          Yes, GMAW, C25 Gas. I'm probably using too big of wire (.045) and not pulsing as suggested. I'll have to get some of the ESAB Easy Grind next time around.

          I was under the assumption that using the copper for the backing was only needed when closing up larger holes. I'll try it as well.

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          If your not learning something new, you're going backwards!


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            .045" is way too big. Use something like .023" or .025" for better results.