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    Originally posted by HMW View Post
    I thought of something while reading some of the other posts. What are some of your favorite hand tools. Brands, types, size etc. we were talking about grinders a little in another post. My favorites are 4 1/2" Metabo. [have 3] I have had Millwaukees [did good, nobody makes a better 1/2" drill], Makita [didn't like the cord], Craftsmen [didn't last to long] . Have had paddle switchs but prefer the thumb swith with lock. Have a big Black and Decker wildcat 7"/9" that will wear you out but it can remove some material. HF brand had 2 [inherited] that totally sucked, used them with flap discs only. Didn't last too long and no power.Good to have one for a pinch i guess.

    Anybody have any favorite brands of tools. Something you tried and either liked or didn't like?
    I've got a couple of B&D Wildcats-They're lightweights compared to the Milwaukee 6066 I keep in my gangbox at work!
    Sometimes there's no second chances.


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      My favorite and most important tool in any shop I work in is black and decker. It makes me more efficent and the other tools seem to work better afterwards too. I run it all day long and never have a problem with it unless I run out of consumables. The COFFEE POT!!!
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        New to welding, but not to tools,

        I must say I'm very impressed with my new Milwaukee 14" dry-cut saw.
        After reading this thread gonna start looking for a vise on CL and get a bigger hammer .
        "A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing"

        Millermatic 135
        Milwaukee 14" Dry Cut Saw
        Milwaukee Deep Cut Band
        Fully charged fire extinguisher


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          10-4 on the coffee pot. Nothing else in the shop runs until that does, including me!
          Sometimes there's no second chances.


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            coffee always comes first. I would say the plasma cutter. Saves a ton of time and opens up all sorts of possibilities.
            mm251 w/ 30amp spool gun
            diversion 165
            Hypertherm powermax 45