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    I thought of something while reading some of the other posts. What are some of your favorite hand tools. Brands, types, size etc. we were talking about grinders a little in another post. My favorites are 4 1/2" Metabo. [have 3] I have had Millwaukees [did good, nobody makes a better 1/2" drill], Makita [didn't like the cord], Craftsmen [didn't last to long] . Have had paddle switchs but prefer the thumb swith with lock. Have a big Black and Decker wildcat 7"/9" that will wear you out but it can remove some material. HF brand had 2 [inherited] that totally sucked, used them with flap discs only. Didn't last too long and no power.Good to have one for a pinch i guess.

    Anybody have any favorite brands of tools. Something you tried and either liked or didn't like?
    HMW [Heavy Metal welding]

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    Five inch DeWalt angle grinder. Has some guts and is not so heavy.


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      My Dewalt 4.5" grinder, used every day for the last 8 years. I replaced the bearings and switches last year, and still kickin'.


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        I guess my favorite one is the one I need now, regardless of who makes it... but I think the most important tool I have is my big vice. You can cut and weld steel many ways, but without a vice most of my work would be a bigger .,if not impossible chore. Of course, a good hammer is a must also.
        sigpicJim Young


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          I agree with the 4 1/2" Metabo.

          I also like my Dotco air tools, Estwing 3lb Drilling Hammer...The list goes on!

          I'm must say I love them all the same! (except for the ones in the broken pile)

          MD Welding & Fabricating L.L.C.
          MD Welding & Fabricating L.L.C.


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            I like them all ....Bob
            Bob Wright

            Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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              I Guess Being New To Welding
              I Would Have To Say My New
              Millermatic 210
              I Think Its Great So Far


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                favorite tools

                I would have to say that my favorite tool is my imagination, after that any tool that I can use to put food in my belly is my favorite. Dave
                If necessity is the Mother of Invention, I must be the Father of Desperation!

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                  I like my Stanley Cross Peen Hammers made in France. 42 and 46 ounce sized.



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                    I Have A Millwauke 7in & 4 1/2 They Bouth Have Been Prety Good Grinders I Have Too Black& Decker That I Got For X-mas The First Thing I Do Is Cut That Stiff Cord Off And Put A Good One On From An Old Extion Cord And Pi##off The Old Lady I Have A Dewalt 1/2 Drill That Well Brack The Arm. And Love The Miller Blue Things
                    miller bobcat 250
                    wc 115a
                    spoolmatic 30a
                    centery 250 mic
                    2 lincoln 225 stick
                    a 1954 hobart portable welder w/ willies jeep engine


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                      1/2 millwaukee drill been having for years and still going stong.have the 4 1/2 grinder and was never impressed with it but have a 4 1/2 & a 6" dewalt and they know how to get a job done.pretty much all my air tools are c/p
                      301 trailblazer
                      12vs extreme mig box
                      spectrum plus plasma
                      steelmax mag drill
                      millwaukee steel cutting skillsaw

                      dewalt 14" cold cut off saw
                      various hand &power tools
                      spoolmatic 30a


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                        My Bessey Clamps


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                          All I can say is if you but c**p you buy twice. I always buy the best i can, there's nothing worse than getting on a job and your gear letting you down. It doesn't look good to your clients and just makes your job more difficult.


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                            Oh yeah, The Bessey clamps, almost forgot them they are the best. And the Big wilton vise. Like somebody on here said use the drilling hammer alot. More than any ballpean hammer. Tape measure I like best is Craftsman [I didn't get a Miller ] I like the one with the lever on the botom, will only retract if you squezze the lever. The thumb locks are OK but I like the lever best. Also when I tear it up they replace it free . How about for marking on steel. We use "Presto" brand white out pens. They work very good, will even right up side down all you have to do is squeeze them a little. And the mark stays put untill the plasma cutter hits it. Its flammable so dont hit the pen with the torch, but never had one burn up and have been hit with sparks constantly. Here is a pic of it, works great for bending sheetmetal too. Also it comes right off with brake kleen or wd4o, so we use it to mark when we service shop equipment [compressors, lifts etc]

                            Thanks for all the posts, some cool tools
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                            HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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                              Porter Cable Cordless Drill

                              I've got a couple of old-style 12V PC cordless drills that I got back in 1990, when cordless was new. One of them dropped 8 feet to a concrete floor the first week I had it, with no apparent effect. I wish someone still made that style - the newer "T-handle" drills feel nicely balanced in the store, but are not so great when you need to get some weight behind them, one-handed. Hope mine last forever!