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any one ever make a tow dolly or a lift for a pickup to pull cars like the repo guys

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    Originally posted by Slash View Post
    They're almost as bad as the guys who drag up dead topics.

    yeahh... lol j/k
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      I think its been said here before - if you don't like what someone says or what someone asks all you have to do is ignore it. You don't have to be an a$$hole about it. Especially when you just pop into the scene. Not all of us are the genius you obviously are. Not all of us have much, if any budget to work with. I'm a lurker - I don't pretend to know anything. I appreciate all the great information, all the great ideas that I have seen here. I have asked for plans for a few things myself. If you don't want to provide them don't. Simple as that. You don't have go into a tirade - like a 5 year old - my 5 year old grandson isn't that bad. Take a pill and chill out. I'll bet that this is just the first of your mouthing off. Grow up.


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        Re:Flux This

        Take it easy on me as I'm new to this venue & haven't welded in some time. Sorry if I got the wrong impression that free plans were to be had here. High in the results was this page & this info: [wow!! when you said a set of plans you were not kidding. thats one sweet tow dolly, way nicer than i need but it should realy help get me] Seeing Miller in the URL lead me to believe to draw in potential customers Miller was hosting free plans.


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          Creating a tow dolly

          Here is a link to a site that has the parts of a tow truck dolly broken down. Hope it helps


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            i can post pics of a repo set up made by dynamic, but you would have to settle the score with them if you build one. there are only 2 repo bed makers (that i am aware of) and 1 of them isnt doing so well, the other is dynamic.........other than the boom, its a simple set up

            nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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              The place to lurk for towing info is the Tow411 forum.

              Ample pics of any sort of tow rig from antique to new. It's a site for professionals, and professional behavior is expected if you post. There is so much information there you likely won't need to. They also discuss good parts vendors (important so you can both meed industry standards and produce a quality product).


              BTW you can copy proprietary parts for yourself, but can't sell equipment based on infringing intellectual property. Visit any company website that has parts book downloads and you can get many ideas to combine in whatever you build.
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