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  • started night class intro to

    tig last night. Using Miller syncrowave 350 machines. Didn,t know they had miller gear down here in the south pacific. Nice stuff, had lots of fun. Only about second time I'd used tig. I've 20 years experience with mig and stick. looking forward to the next few weeks of classes.

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    I wish they had a TIG intro class up here.

    My first welding class was Stick, 4 sessions in I went out and bought myself a Millermatic 210. I remember the instructor asking " Why'd you buy a MIG machine, if you're taking a stick class? " I told him " Well you do not offer a MIG class and I want to MIG weld. Having no real welding experience I figured it would be wise to take any welding class I could get "

    Nice guy he was, he took me aside for 2 class sessions and ran me though the MIG process with a school MIG welder.

    Now if I want a TIG Intro class, I'm gonna have to get a TIG machine and introduce myself!