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  • Can Crusher

    Does anyone have a set of plans for a hydrolic can crusher?

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    Not quite, i just dump them in the driveway and run over them with my car , works real well....Bob
    Bob Wright


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      throw in street

      I have a friend that throws them in the street then at night when traffic is slow he retrieves them...He has lost some this way..sometimes people will stop and get them *LOL*
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        Can Crusher Plans

        Hey tigrig2, if you still need plans here is a link to some plans you can purchase.

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          This is one I built some time ago, I used an air cylinder for a dump truck tail gate and the pipe is 3'' exhaust for a car.I also put exhaust regulators on the valve to help save the fingers(you can adjust tem to control the speed of the cylinder).It`s super simple and doesn`t take long to build.
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            THe air one is impresive and the manual one is definatly simple to build just use your imagination after looking at the pic that was posted good luck
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              I like that air operated one. So many of them are lever action where you have to put the can in and take it out. Easier to set them in a line on my back sidewalk and just stomp on them. If you could rig up a feeder for the air operated one, that would be the ticket! Load a bunch of them into the hopper and then run through them!
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                can crusher

                Hey Tigrig,
                Hey that should crush cans all day. Nice job.


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                  I built one for my friends kids, it was a pneumatic and quite similar.